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The Evidence draws on the latest research into gender inequality from the world of social sciences and makes that knowledge accessible to everyone who may need it – whether you’re trying to change your community, your workplace or the laws of your country. The Evidence is supported by Sage. Subscribers to the Impact newsletter automatically receive The Evidence on the last Monday of every month.

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No peace without women

24 juin 2024

  Everything you need to know about gender inequality, all in one place. Sponsored by Sage Welcome to The Evidence, a supplement of the Impact n…

The author, Josephine Lethbridge

Josephine Lethbridge has bridged the worlds of research and journalism for the past decade. She has a particular interest in explaining the intersections of today’s crises – and empowering people to find the agency to act on them. Her work on the dangers of net zero won a Covering Climate Now award in 2022; and an investigation into Haitian peacekeepers featured on the front page of The Times and led to multiple governmental and UN inquiries as well as changes to UN peacekeeper training.

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