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Impact is a weekly newsletter covering gender and politics worldwide. With interviews, news briefs and in-depth reporting, we bring you all you need to know about feminist social movements and the systemic issues that affect women and gender-diverse people — delivered straight to your inbox every Monday.

There has never been a more vital time to pay attention to the rights of women and gender-diverse people. Around the world, well-funded conservative movements are working to erode the hard-won freedoms of women and the LGBTQIA+ community. But the feminist movements opposing those forces are growing ever stronger and organising in more effective ways, from the marea verde in Latin America to the women-led revolution in Iran and the Abortion Without Borders network in Europe. The Impact newsletter covers these subjects and more every week. We want to know what works in feminist political organising, and what we’re up against. If you do too, subscribe.

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No peace without women

24 juin 2024

  Everything you need to know about gender inequality, all in one place. Sponsored by Sage Welcome to The Evidence, a supplement of the Impact n…

L'autrice, Megan Clement

Megan Clement is a journalist specialising in women's rights. Her reporting has appeared in The Guardian, CNN, Bloomberg, The Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera and The New Humanitarian, among other publications. Previously, Megan was Managing Editor of Women’s Advancement Deeply, and its earlier incarnation, Women & Girls, at News Deeply. Before that, she was an editor at The Conversation, helping launch the site's Australian, UK, US and International editions. She is the inaugural winner of the Island Magazine Nonfiction Prize.