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The injury gap

13 août 2023

The injury gap: why women are more likely to tear their ACL And how you can protect yours 14 Aug 2023 Welcome to the summer edition of the Impact new…


Equal play, unequal pay

7 août 2023

Welcome to the summer edition of the Impact newsletter, dedicated to feminism and football in celebration of the 2023 World Cup. We’ll be covering th…

L'autrice, Megan Clement

Megan Clement is a journalist specialising in women's rights. Her reporting has appeared in The Guardian, CNN, Bloomberg, The Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera and The New Humanitarian, among other publications. Previously, Megan was Managing Editor of Women’s Advancement Deeply, and its earlier incarnation, Women & Girls, at News Deeply. Before that, she was an editor at The Conversation, helping launch the site's Australian, UK, US and International editions. She is the inaugural winner of the Island Magazine Nonfiction Prize.