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The Method is a six-episode podcast series I host and co-wrote. It was produced by one of France’s leading podcast companies. Designed as a political investigation – I interviewed 12 of the greatest feminist intellectuals of our time and i asked them one question: how do we create a feminist utopia ?

What we are doing is nothing new. We write articles, we publish books, we send newsletters, we create podcasts, we imagine new ways to make our voices heard. We are researchers. Activists. Business leaders. Artists.
We are feminists.
And we are changing the world. No, I start again, that’s not it. We think we are changing the world.
We are obviously not the first. This was already the case with Olympe de Gouges, it was also the case in the 1920s when the suffragettes thought that the world would change with the right to vote. Or when Alexandra Kollontai was convinced that the right to abortion in socialist Russia was the last step to reach a feminist utopia.
It’s a repetition, a loop: we believe in it, we fight for it, we miss it, we forget about it and we start again. Every time.
We are in 2022, we have started again. We believed it. We fought for it.
As feminist movements grow across the world, activists are developing new ways to make utopia a reality. We are not there yet. Look at what happened for abortion in Poland or the US. It seems that in 50 years we can live in either a misogynistic dystopia or an equal feminist society. It can go either way.
HOW DO YOU GO THE RIGHT WAY ? is this podcast main question.
The Method is an intellectual ambition, that of getting out of the Cartesian yoke to define a way of thinking, utopian perhaps, free from any patriarchal vision. A new feminist paradigm. Concretely, I will try to answer a question: how to create a feminist utopia? And why not a second question, come on: how do you make a utopia come true?
Welcome to the podcast documentary The Method.
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The Method podcast was co-produced with Louie Media podcast studio. Each week, for six weeks, it is accompanied by a written interview in French feminist newsletter Les Glorieuses – Geneviève Fraisse, Sarah SchulmanReni Eddo LodgeVéronica GagoRafia Zakaria.

Illustration: Hina Hundt